Enthusiasm about Book Week

Its been an interesting two weeks of school. Last week we watched a performance by the Splash Theatre. It was great to see such an engrossed audience that they often forgot to applaud! The students displayed great audience skills. The performers brought a range of books to life and students thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

In the lead up to Book Week, we have been sharing our favourite picture books with the class. Students shared the story and discussed why they enjoyed the book when they were little. It brought back lots of memories of snuggles and cuddles while reading favourite bedtime stories. It reinforces that reading to children from a young age is vital. Its instills a love of books and also makes life long memories!

Don’t forget our school Book Fair is on until Tuesday 20/08. Its also our special dress up assembly to celebrate your favourite caharacter. Students are encouraged to dress up or wear a hat. The assembly is at 9:00. Come and join us in the pavilion. Its always great fun.

Check the literacy and inquiry pages for more information on what’s happening.

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