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It’s end of term 3 already and we only have 9 weeks of school left for 2013. It has been an eventful term with lots of exciting learning that has happened. We have completed our fairytales and they turned out great. ( See pictures above). We shared them with our buddy class. Come in and have a read! Just a reminder that it is early school closure on Friday. School closes at 14:05 for students. Term 4 is going to be full of exciting events. Our excursion to the Botanic Gardens is on Friday 25/10. Our school disco is on the same night. Our Christmas concert is in week 8 and maybe another surprise celebration excursion at the end. Have a great holiday . See you back on the 14 October ready for the rush to the finish.



Its been a while…

Its has been a while since I have posted some news on our blog. It has been an extremely busy few weeks. We had the dreaded ‘Lurgy’ sweep through our class with more than half the class away at any one time!
We have been busy with literacy and our fairy tales are now complete and ready to share with our buddy class. I will put up some pictures next week.
In Maths we have been working on angles and symmetry and finding examples of these in our lives.
Our class novel, James and the Giant Peach, is almost complete and we will be watching the movie next week.

Don’t forget it is Pajama Day on Friday the 20th September. Its a gold coin donation towards our sponsor child Salma.

Excursion notes have been sent home. We will be going to the Botanic Gardens in Adelaide. Please return the forms ASAP. Unfortunately I can only take 4 parents on the bus with us. You are however, welcome to join us at the gardens for a tour and picnic.

Book Week

This week was Book Week. Thank to all the parents who bought books at our book fair. We received $1000 worth of books for the school.
Today was our book week assembly. We had almost the whole class dress up. We had a lot of Cat in the Hat characters as well as lots of other gorgeous costumes. Unfortunately we had some sort of virus sweep through our class this week and we lots of students away sick!
Next week our gymnastics program starts. It is also orienteering week when we will test our map reading skills.

Our gift to the RSPCA


Yes..its our completed blanket!! Doesn’t it look like the one grandma knitted for the couch. After weeks of French knitting/tomboy stitch, our blanket is finally completed. Each student contributed at least 1 metre of knitting. With the assistance of two helpful mums, we sewed together a blanket that was donated to the RSPCA on Saturday 17/08 by Olivia and her mum on behalf of our class.Visit the RSPCA South Australia Facebook page and see the photo and post of the CEO of the RSPCA receiving the blanket. The students were excited to see the completed blanket. It was a sense of accomplishment and a valuable lesson in giving to the community that we live in. Students realised that we can contribute in a small way. I am extremely proud of all the kids. Well done 6West!!

Enthusiasm about Book Week

Its been an interesting two weeks of school. Last week we watched a performance by the Splash Theatre. It was great to see such an engrossed audience that they often forgot to applaud! The students displayed great audience skills. The performers brought a range of books to life and students thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

In the lead up to Book Week, we have been sharing our favourite picture books with the class. Students shared the story and discussed why they enjoyed the book when they were little. It brought back lots of memories of snuggles and cuddles while reading favourite bedtime stories. It reinforces that reading to children from a young age is vital. Its instills a love of books and also makes life long memories!

Don’t forget our school Book Fair is on until Tuesday 20/08. Its also our special dress up assembly to celebrate your favourite caharacter. Students are encouraged to dress up or wear a hat. The assembly is at 9:00. Come and join us in the pavilion. Its always great fun.

Check the literacy and inquiry pages for more information on what’s happening.

Our escapades in our new “home”

Its been an interesting two weeks in what I personally call “Siberia”! We seem to be so removed from everyone and its a long walk everywhere. We have been lonely as well with no neighbours. The students have settled in well and as usual children are very resilient and make the best of any situation. We have however, been the first class on the newly surfaced playground and we are going to be enjoying our lunch at the new picnic table.The good news is that we may be back in our class on Wednesday (7/08). We have a lovely new student who joined us on Wednesday from Ireland. So if you see the family waiting outside our class, please give them a warm Hallett Cove welcome.

On Wednesday 7/08, Splash Theatre is visiting our school. We are looking forward to their performances. Our class have completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge and are getting ready for all the exciting activities Mr. Ross has planned for Book Week. Don’t forget our special Book Week assembly on Friday 23/08. Students are encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character or wear a hat. We are all excited as its in keeping with our literacy program for this term.

Students have been busy working on their inquiry units on marine animals and most have done their research and are putting together their presentations. Please assist your child in their research as computer lessons in school are limited. Their presentations are due in Week 4.

Student were busy with french knitting last term. They have done a fabulous job and we now have metres of knitting. I have decided to put all the efforts together to make a blanket to give to the RSPCA. A big thank you to parents Wendy for her assistance  and  Yvonne and Caroline for taking over the sewing.


Welcome back to Term 3

I hope you all had a restful two weeks. The weather was great for lots of sleep ins and pyjama days! It’s another busy term for us with lots happening. Our classroom is being painted during weeks 1 and 2 of this term and we will be housed in House 6AS for this time. Janine Baker (a pre-service teacher) will be with us for the first four weeks of this term. If you check on the Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry pages for more information on our focus for this term.

The big events for this term are Book Week, Book Fair, Book Week assembly, Splash Theatre and a gymnastic programme for P.E. For the Book Week assembly in Week 5, Years 3 to 7 can wear hat related to a character from a book. So dig out the craft box and get creative!

We now have spiny leaf insects in our class for the rest of the year. I will bring them in once we move back to our class. Our tadpoles have grown and to date we have 12 fully grown frogs…most of which we’ve given to Cherie, our friendly SSO, to house in her pond!

We are looking forward to another exciting and productive term.

End of Term

Wow, its end of term already! We have had a busy and eventful term. Lots of us are recovering from the sniffles and we are looking forward to sleep-ins over the holidays.We had lots of exciting learning happening and our class blog is one of them. Please bear with me while I try to find my way through cyberspace. I will endeavour to put up posts at least once a week. Currently, we will only be able to post messages until all the paperwork is completed to publish photos of students work or learning. I have a pre-service teacher, Janine Baker, who was on an observation visit this week and will be in class for 4 weeks of next term.

Beginning next term, I intend starting a social program called  “Fill your bucket”. It is a tangible program for students to see that their actions affect others as well as themselves. If you click on the Youtube link for “Fill your Bucket” you will be able to view the online story that underpins this concepts. It would be great if parents reinforce this concept at home.

Reports were handed out on Wednesday 3/07. Don’t forget early dismissal on Friday at 14h15. Have a restful holiday. I’m looking forward to an enthusiastic and energised term3.

fill your bucket



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